Kite Surfing Lesson Phuket Tips & Tricks To Become A Better KiteBoarder

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport and Thailand is simply one of the best places to learn it. The kitesufing schools in Phuket are among some of the best in the world and the two most popular locations are Long Nai Yang and Chalong beach. The beaches in Phuket are perpetually sunny and inviting with clear blue waters. The conditions are almost always perfect for a kite school in phuket. In this article we will look at a few tips and tricks to help you become a better kitesurfer so you can master the kite.

The first kite surfing lesson Phuket is that you always need to wear safety gear. There is no use in trying to be macho and you should definitely wear a helmet when learning how to kitesurf. However, when choosing a helmet, make sure it is suitable for water sports as an ordinary helmet will become heavy and cause more damage than prevent it. Another tip, when choosing gear is to get a harness that properly fits your hips and has a quilted liner. This will ensure that no chafing occurs as a poorly fitting harness will rub your skin raw.

kitesurfing phuket2Next, we will look at some tips that will improve your kitesurfing game. Most surfers want to get more air and get higher jumps. In order to get more height on your jumps, you will need to increase your speed. To increase speed, you should position your kite to be perpendicular to the wind as oppose to upwind and you will see and feel the difference. Also, the larger the kite, the slower it will be, so you will have to experiment with different kites to find the best one that achieves the speed and height you desire.

Another key skill you will have to master is upwind anchoring. Meaning, you will have to be aware of your position in the water at all times and be able to adjust it accordingly. One way to do this is to set specific landmarks to ensure you always know your position.

Most kiteboarders enjoy spinning and as a newbie you’ll definitely want to try this out as soon as possible. However, when spinning, you will need to keep control of the kite as most riders may successfully initiate a spin but fail to stick the landing. In order to do so, you need to be aware of which hand does what. In the majority of tricks, the back hand is used for propelling the spin and the leading hand is used to direct the kite so that you land easily.

Learning how to kiteboard is a process and you should remember that you won’t master or even be good at this sport in one day. Practice makes perfect but your first kite surfing school phuket is the most important step to becoming a kiteboarder. As time passes and you learn the ins and outs of how to ride the waves, achieve high jumps and do tricks, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this sport.